Ionic Show: Ionic React

Adam, Ely, Josh, and Mike discuss all things Ionic react and what to expect now that Ionic React is in RC.
Welcome to another Ionic Show!

In this episode of the Ionic Show, Max and Ben hand the hosting reigns over to none other than 'Wisdom Beard' himself, Mike Hartington, with guests Adam Bradley, Josh Thomas, and Ely Lucas to talk all things Ionic React! Here's what they covered:

00:20 Round circle introductions
01:28 Mike shows off his "very nice" mug

02:33 Ionic React Release Candidate ships + reflections
04:10 Notice that Adam never once mentioned wEb cOmPoNeNtS 
06:30 Coming full circle on the original cross-framework dream
07:30 A brief history of Ionic Framework
09:20 How Web Components changed everything

13:02 How does Ionic React actually work?
18:15 TypeScript and why it's important
21:00 When React and Typescript became friends
22:18 How views are managed in Ionic React
25:10 Achieving a mobile experience you'd expect
28:30 Maintaining a high level of performance
30:47 Working with external React libraries
33:00 What about React Native?
36:40 Handling component styles
40:00 What's included?

42:10 Should the community expect more UI Components?
43:46 Are there any plans for more themes?
47:01 Do we have any opinions on handling mono repos with Ionic?
49:29 What's the status on Ionic Vue?

53:50 Wrap up

Thanks, everyone and see you next time!

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