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Musings on Electron and building cross platform

Mike Hartington chats with community member Michael Callaghan about building apps cross platform and how that has changed in his time as a developer.

Ionic Show: Ionic React

Adam, Ely, Josh, and Mike discuss all things Ionic react and what to expect now that Ionic React is in RC.

Stencil and the rise of web compilers with Manu

Ionic Core team member Manu joins the podcast to talk about his JSConf EU talk and why bringing a compiler to the web is good for everyone

Hallway Track: Matt Carniatto at NgVikings

The Hallway track is a series of interview with attendees and speakers at various conferences around the world. Come learn what speakers are excited to share and why attendees choose to go to a specific conference. Our first guest is Matt Carniatto who spoke at NgVikings 2019

Ionic Show: Ionic 4, Capacitor, and Stencil One

Josh, Matt, Ben, and Max discuss what the Ionic team has been up to, including Ionic 4, Stencil, and Capacitor.

PWAs powered by Web Components with David Dal Busco

David Dal Busco from the Ionic Zurich meetup group discusses how he uses Stencil-based web components to power his DeckDeckGo presentation builder PWA.

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